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RG - The World’s Most Reliable & Popular Pyrotechnical Scare Launchers!
A versatile product range of RG scare launchers are manufactured with great care and decades of experience. These reliable and robust models are equipped with safety systems to protect the user.
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RECORD - Economical & Reliable Scare Launchers!

Record manufactures a economical line of scare launchers.
Bird Scare Launchers are highly effective at both civilian and military airports, airfields and runways.
How Do Scare Launchers Work?
Scare launchers use blanks to launch 15mm pyrotechnical cartridges (bangers, screamers, flaming whistlers, ect.). Once ignited, the 15mm pyrotechnical cartridge travels down range and discharges. This frightens birds (Canada geese, seagulls, pigeons, ect.), bears, deer, elk and other problem wildlife causing them to move away.
Pyrotechnic launchers for bangers, screamers, bird bombs, crackers, noise bombs, and racket bombs.

Why Use Scare Launchers?
Wildlife control especially plays an important role in the purchase of scare launchers. These launchers are the ideal for airport personnel, campers/hikers, wildlife officers, and farmers who seek to control problem wildlife such as birds and bears. Scare launchers provide safety for personnel, prevent damage to property and eliminate costly work stoppages due to wildlife.
Pyrotechnical launchers are used to deter birds from airport runways, an excellent bird scare product.
Years of field testing at airports, outpost/outfitter camps, mining operations, farms, landfill sites, and other resource industrial locations prove these launchers are durable, reliable and highly effective.
15mm Pyrotechnical launchers are used to scare birds from airports, landfills, and berry crops.
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Scare launchers are used to deter bears from, landfill sites, camps, garbage dumps, and berry crops.
Optional Four Shot Adapter

The adapter screws into the launcher barrel and allows simultaneous launching of any combination of up to four scare cartridges. This produces a bombardment-like effect resulting in extreme aggressive hazing. For use with the following launchers: RG-59's, RG-69's, RG-88's, RG-89's and RG-99's.
Effective for birds (seagulls, pigeons, Canada geese), bears, deer, elk, and other problem wildlife.

Rohm RG and Record 15mm pyrotechnic launchers are a valuable tool for bird and wildlife control.
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Pyrotechnic Launchers Are A Necessary Part Of Effective Bird Management & Wildlife Control Programs!
Wildlife Control & Bird Control Made Easy With Record & Rohm 15mm Scare Launchers!